Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to pay?
There is no fee to pay. You can buy the license and it lasts forever.
Does the license expire?
The license does not expire. Once purchased, you can use it forever. Keep in mind that in the future the search engines of the contacts may change, and maybe you will need an update. For this, we grant you one year of free upgrades with your license.
If the license does not expire because I need updates?
The contacts search engines may change in future, and maybe you will need to update your software. If search engines maintain the same features you will not need updates. For this, we grant you one year of free upgrades with your license.
How much does the update cost?
Program updates cost about four times less than the license.
Can I get discounts?
The software is already discounted. But you can save money by buying upgrade packages for 3 or 5 years.
Extractor no longer finds contacts. What should I do?
Report it! So we can check if it's a search engine problem and if we need to update the software.
The license does not work
Make sure all the license fields are filled in correctly. Not just the code but all the fields. Pay attention to lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers and punctuation.
I downloaded the new version and my license is no longer valid
Before downloading the new Extractor releases, make sure that your license has the date of the updates greater than the date of publication of the software.
I wrote my license perfectly, and the date is valid, but it doesn't work
Make sure that the license you purchased is compatible with the search country you have chosen. Example, if you purchase the license for Extractor Studio IT (Italy engine), you can use it only for that software and not for example for Extractor Studio DE (Germany engine).