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We develop software for passion.

Pesaro System

PESARO SYSTEM is an Italian software house born in 2001.
We deal with the creation of Software, Apps, Internet Sites and Web Applications.


Electronics enthusiasts, console like Commodore and Spectrum, Personal Computers since their first appearance, we have known and programmed in the first programming languages: Basic, C and Pascal. Also of interest to the new (at the time) local and Internet networks, and the DOS, Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems.
After a few years of hobby, in 2001 PESARO SYSTEM was born, specialized in the creation of Internet products and Desktop Software. The intent was to offer customized innovative solutions, using the best tools and development techniques based on the product to be made.


During the following years we have been totally focused on improving our products, offering higher quality. Continuous research and in-depth analysis have led to the development of new algorithms that make our products faster and more stable.
Change and technological development have obliged us to develop new products and to use new techniques capable of satisfying customer requests. We have integrated Software Solutions for Desktop, Apps for Mobile, and Web Applications that support any platform and any device.


Our goal is to develop more useful software, more stable and faster, and to allow our customers to use our products using less time and resources, and achieving better results.